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Christina Varga came to New York City in the mid-nineties with degrees in Journalism and Communication and creatively applied her education at high-profile media and production companies including Miramax Films, MTV Networks, Viacom New Media, The New York Times and Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises. Her first solo art exhibitions were in trendy nightclubs and shops in Soho, Tribeca and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Publicity, promotion and press proved integral to her pursuits - and she successfully organized exhibitions in city theaters, restaurants, and non-profit spaces.

Photo of Christina Varga in her studio in Woodstock by Franco Vogt

In 1999 Varga began a work which transformed three doors into life-sized neo-Byzantine depictions of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed (pbuh). The Triptych pays homage to world religion in oil paint, hand cut wooden mosaics, sand, mica & varnish.

The life-sized depictions of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed took three years to complete and were displayed for the first time at LadyFest East in 2002. Since its completion in 2001 the work has toured public venues. Bard College exhibited the work during the 2005 Resurgence Conference on Earth & Religion. The triptych was on display for an audience of over 20,000 at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine during the holiday season's Winter Solstice Concert with Paul Winter and the 2005 World AIDS Day events with singer Roberta Flack and modern dance visionary Bill T. Jones.

The American Visionary Art Museum
in Baltimore, Maryland featured the work in the
13th Mega-Exhibit "All Faiths Beautiful: From Atheism to Zoroastrianism, Respect for Diversity of Belief " from October 2007 through September 2008. RAW VISION Magazine states, "Christina Varga's triptych depicting Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed combines stylized church iconography with humble materials to create somber figures that plead for multi-theist reconciliation." (Jack Livingston, RAW Vision Magazine 2008 Issue 62).
It continues to draw interest from around the world and was featuring on the printed materials for the Conference on Art in Religion at the University of Muenster Center for Religious Studies in Muenster, Germany. The fourth work in this neo-Byzantine series depicts The Woman Clothed by the Sun, a biblical figure from the Book of Revelations. This work is in progress since 2002 - see it on this page.

Varga's work pushes the constraints of organized religion and professes a universal appreciation for all living beings transcendent of faith, race, sex, sexual orientation or creed. As testament to her reverence Varga set on one significant task upon moving to Woodstock from NYC - to refurbish a Madonna & Child outdoor sculpture memorial to Byrdcliffe arts colony founder Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead in the Artists' Cemetery. The work had been repeatedly vandalized and was restored by Varga in 2003. Classical Byzantine iconography and mosaic work are large influences in Varga's style and emanate from her Hungarian heritage. Varga's experience as a woman also boldly informs her work, and she produces a line of collages incorporating vintage erotica and iconography called The VARGA Girls. Described as "insouciant digs at post-feminist archetypes of female sexuality", the series boasts broad appeal with collectors ranging from celebrities such as Dweezil Zappa, Kate Pierson and Dave Wakeling (among others)to beginning collectors.

Christina Varga opened the VARGA Gallery in Woodstock in June 2003 and since its inception each show has been conceived, planned, publicized and curated by her as the creative force behind all events at VARGA Gallery. The gallery also serves as her studio, where she continues to create works while curating exhibitions at the gallery and other venues. VARGA Gallery represents works by emerging, visionary and outsider artists.

Her latest creative venture - “Apocalypse VARGA” – an Arts, Culture and Media Variety show – airs each Thursday night on Woodstock's Channel 23 Cable Access and online at The show serves as a showcase for artists represented at the VARGA Gallery as well as musicians and speakers and other creative industry professionals. Hosted by Varga, the show is a visual concoction of transitions, video effects and improvisation. The show has been in production since March 2007 and continues to garner an international audience.

Varga's work has appeared in a wide range of regional, national and international publications. Credits include Raw Vision Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Resurgence Magazine, the cover of Chronogram magazine December 2006, as well as appearing in The New York Times, Woodstock Times, Poughkeepsie Journal, Daily Freeman, Albany Times Union and other regional, national and international publications. Her work was reviewed in “Raw Vision” Magazine Issue 62.

Kaleidescape I & Kaleidescape II

The VARGA Gallery opened in the historic art colony of Woodstock, New York in June 2003. It galvanized Woodstock's art scene with flambouyance, controversy and drive and is a MUST-SEE for any art lover. VARGA Gallery exhibits eclectic, innovative artists with unique works and uninhibited style. The VARGA Gallery serves as the studio and exhibition space of card-carrying visionary artist Christina Varga, as well as the Hudson Valley's finest art gallery of emerging and established visionary, outsider and self-taught artists. Since its inception, VARGA Gallery has hosted hundreds of exhibitions, countless performances and the most talented visionary and outsider artists in the area.

Commissioned projects include extra-terrestrial themed works for the 1999 MTV Movie Awards at Barker Hangar in Los Angeles, California; a three room ceiling mural for the nightclub "Chaos" on East Houston Street in New York City; a restaurant makeover at Asia Roma in Tribeca, NY; giant spores for a Travis Bass, Inc. celebrity event & other projects.

Christina Varga is in the throes of "pixelation" a technique she describes as chopping various media of all sorts into rough squares and incorporating these squares into mixed media orchestrations much like mosaic on a grid. This technique includes materials such as canvas, small mosaic tiles, corrugated cardboard, various papers, burlap, brocade fabrics and more. The "Pixelations" can be seen here.

To commission work by Christina Varga please contact: VARGA Gallery - 845.679.4005

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VARGA is a flambouyant member and important credit to the following organizations:

Woodstock Artists Association & Museum (WAAM)
serving on Board of Directors 2007/2008

Art Society of Kingston - ASK

Woodstock Chamber of Arts & Commerce

The Woodstock Guild Kleinert/James

Phonecia Arts Upstairs

Commissioned Works

Refurbishment of Whitehead Della Robbia Memorial,
Artists' Cemetery, Woodstock, NY 2003

Bamboo Mural Design Asia Roma, Tribeca, NYC, 2001

Nightime Ceiling mosaic - The Vault at Chaos
Lower East Side, NYC, 1999

Aliens - MTV Movie Awards, Los Angeles, CA 1998

Notable events at the VARGA Gallery include:

The 2007/2008 NYC Graffiti Art Show
My Heart Belongs to Dada
Stick, Stone & Bone
The Annual February Women's Show
VARGAstock Outdoor Art Fair
& many more shows. Check here

Our Woodstock Idols are Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Hervey White, Jean Geddes and
all the fantastic visionaries that are drawn to these Beautiful Catskill Mountains!

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Christina Varga has exhibited ongoing and continuously
at the VARGA Gallery since June 2003

"All Faiths Beautiful" at the American Visionary Arts Musuem
October 2008 through October 2009

Kleinert Guild's "5 x 7 Show"
Woodstock, NY December 2007

Holiday Show at WAAM
Woodstock Artists Association & Museum,
December 2007

"Women's Work" - Wilder Gallery, Catskill, NY
September - October 2007

Woodstock Artists Association & Museum WAAM,
American Scenes: Images of Leisure and Entertainment
Juried by Patricia Phagan February 2007

Phonecia Arts Upstairs, 2007
Silent Space, Kingston, NY July/August 2006
Mezzaluna, Saugerties, NY March 2006
Hudson United Bank, March 2006
Woodstock Artists Association "Magic" juried show, 2006
Art Society of Kingston "Green", 2006
Phonecia Arts Upstairs, 2006
Woodstock Artists Association, September 2005
ASK Found Object Show, September 2005
Phonecia Arts Upstairs, August 2005
Farfetched Gallery, Kingston, NY July 2005
The Upstairs Art Gallery, Phonecia, NY June 2005
Resurgence Earth & Religion Conference
Bard College - Olin Auditorium, June 2005
Joyous Lake Blacklight Art Woodstock, NYJune 2005
ASK "The Sky's the Limit" Gala, Kingston, NY May 2005
Studio 8 Gallery, Kingston, NY- February 2005
Woodstock Guild's Red Hot Show @ the Kleinert,
Woodstock, NY February 2005
Woodstock Guild's Members Show @ the Kleinert,
Woodstock, NY December 2004
Woodstock Tattoo & Body Art Festival
" Propaganda & War"
Woodstock Gallery of Art Woodstock, NY September 2004
Woodstock Tattoo Festival, Woodstock, NY September 2004
Woodstock Tattoo Festival, Woodstock, NY 2003
Woodstock Artists Studio Tour, Woodstock, NY 2003
Goddess Festival, Legends, Woodstock, NY 2002

New York City Solo Exhibitions
Go, NYC 2002
Saada, Upper East Side, NYC 2001
Manhattan Theatre Source, West Village, NYC 2000
The Vault, Chaos, Lower East Side, NYC 2000
Parlay, East Village, NYC 2000
MTV Networks, Times Square, NYC 1999
Jonathan Marx Gallery, SoHo, NYC 1999
Reza Namazi Gallery SoHo, NYC 1999
Life, East Village, NYC 1999
Shine - Tribeca, NYC 1999
Fred's Beauty Chelsea, NYC 1999
NV/289 Soho, NYC, 1998 - 2000

New York City Group Exhibitions
Art Expo 2006 Jacob Javitz Center
Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, NYC 2005/2006
LadyFest East, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn 2002
Estrogenius, Manhattan Theatre Source
Washington Square Park, NYC 2000/2008
NY International Independent Film & Video Festival,
Madison Square Garden, NYC 1999