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Collection of Lee Wind

VARGA Vase - Collection of Christopher Matson

Eddie in Arabia - collection of Christopher Matson

Red Bull - Egri Bikaver - SOLD
Collection of Kirsten DeHaan - SirLady Records
oil on canvas, gold dust, 60" x 57", 2005

David Bowie's Dreamboat as Seen from Outerspace
Collection of Kirsten DeHaan

Bowie on Sex - Collection of Kirsten DeHaan - SirLady Records


Ms. Bowie - Collection of Holly Coe


Mr. Bowie - Collection of Holly Coe


The 13th Gate
Collection of Marti Resnick
oil paint, gravel on canvas, 28" x 54", 2005






Blue, Blue, Electric Blue
Mixed Media, 18" x 48" on wood, 2006

"Blue Su" - mixed media on canvas - 20 x 20 inches, 2006
Private Collection
"This work carries a kinetic energy and an empathetic visualization
of the subject." - Kitty Montgomery

All Seeing Eye - Collection of Melitta Lovland

Kali Ma
Private Collection
Oil on Canvas, 16" x 54", 1999


Zebra Portrait - collection of Tokhal Wixiviz
mixed media collage on canvas
45" x 60" - 2006

Blue Tidal - collection of Juliet Kingsley
cobalt blue tile, gold laquer, oil paint on canvas, 24" x 36", 2004

Truth - Collection of Mike Alidadi
Mixed media collage on board,

One Day Soon - SOLD
oil, gold laquer on wood, 7" x 17.5", 2004

Space Lily Pod - SOLD
Glitter, watercolor, oil paint & resin on canvas, 2005

of works by Christina Varga

Uma Thurman
"Michael & I"


Kate Pierson - B52's
"Retro Space Chick VARGA"

Anna Rothschild
"Zsa Zsa VARGA - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"




Christopher Matson
"It Was" Vase

Holly Coe
"Mr. & Ms. Bowie"

"Brigitte VARGA"

Dave Wakeling of The English Beat
"Hello Boys VARGA"

Shannon & Justin Lazard
"The Three Faces of Shannon"

Darren Accles
"Eat at Joe's"

Katie Menon

Lee Wind
"Golden Mosaic Buddha"

Greg Meola
"Derringer Jesus"

Phil Langer

"Landscape of Heaven"

Dave Fruchter

Caleb Cain Marcus

Irving Schectman
"Fire Nymphs"

"Frog Princess"

Owner - The Eggs Nest Restaurant
"Mosaic Mermaid"

Corrine Dolle
"Elegant VARGA"

Sadee Brathwaite

Devorah Simon
"Woman Clothed by the Sun" sketch

Darrell Martin
"Hefty, Hefty VARGA"

Yasemin Agatan
"Summer Dress VARGA"

Peter Sutherland
"Summer Love VARGA"

Alfred Heitkoenig
"Bite Me VARGA"
" Feather Cape VARGA"

Sharon & Julius Rousseau
"Cloudcake VARGA"

"Bootsie Brigitte VARGA"

Robert Brink
"Blue Su"

Mandy Speers

DJ Kevin Gould
"Love Knot"

Frank Cilione - owner NV/289

Reza Namazi
"Reed & Bow"

James Armstrong

Victoria Rosenthal
"I Hear My Train A Comin', Mary"

"Kitty, Kitty VARGA"

Billy & Wanda Shapiro
"Blue Nude Running"

Merav Ozeri - producer CBS
"Butterfly VARGA"

Robert deBoisblanc
"Michael with Light Sword"

Juliet Kingsley

Melitta Lovland

Sheik Abdul Kerim
"Hand of Fatima"
"Flower Panel 1 & 2"

Holly Post
"Marooned Su"

Mitzi Zieve

Thomas Kovach

Judith Singer
"TRUMP it"

Swingin' VARGA

As the Sunburn Touches

Death is not the End

Old Jerusalem

Black Tile Bizarro
Collection of Mitzi Zieve